Breast pumps, pads

Breast pumps, pads

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Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump


Our manual breastfeeding pump is comfortable, convenient and portable. The Lansinoh® Manual Breast Pump is ideal for occasional use at home or on the go. Switch easily between two pumping modes, Stimulation and Expression, to aid in let-down and maximize pumping efficiency. The hand breast pump’s ergonomic easy-express handle reduces hand fatigue, and two sizes of ComfortFit® flanges, standard (25mm) and large (30.5mm), ensure ideal suction and pumping comfort.

Key Features 

  •  Two-mode pumping: Stimulation & Expression to help let-down and pumping efficiency
  • ComfortFit® flanges: 2 sizes (standard & large) for ideal suction & fit
  • Ergonomic easy-express handles reduce hand fatigue
  • Fewer parts, easy to use, simple to clean
  • Wide-neck bottles that fit across the Lansinoh® range, use one bottle to pump, store, and feed
  • NaturalWave® Nipple, cap and collar and samples of the #1 selling breastmilk storage bag

Medela harmony essentials pack-Manual Pump

  • A manual breast pump.
  • Light,portable and easy to use.
  • Mimics baby’s natural rhythm
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes complete with a silicone teat,four storage bags to store and freeze your milk,four ultra –thin nursing pads.
  • Perfect for mums who express occasionally and need a light weight travel companion. Its also a handy backup to the electrical pump.

Medela swing flex 2 phase electric pump

  • Mimics the instinctive ‘baby suckle’ rhythms for a natural feeling and comfortable pumping experience.
  • Comes with a personal flex breast shield.
  • Allows you to adapt the way your pump fits to help you find the most efficient position to pump-even as the breast shape changes.
  • At a glance
  • New PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield– a whole new pumping experience, personalised to you
  • Medela 2-Phase Expression®technology mimics babies’ suckingfor a more natural pumping experience
  • Compact, portableand easy to use
  • Closed systemprevents breast milk from entering the tubing.

Momeasy Double Electric Breast Pump

  • MOMEASY Double Electric Breast Pump,
  • Portable Rechargeable Breastfeeding Pump with 24mm 27mm Detachable Flanges, Mirror Touch Screen LED Display 9 Speeds 2 Modes with Milk Storage Bags

About this item

  • Efficient Pumping: MOMEASY Electric Breast Pumps comes with 2 modes and 9 levels, Come with 80-320 mmHg strong suction, massage and stimulate breasts before pumping, comfortable and pain-free, mimic a baby’s feeding patterns for optimized milk secretion
  • BPA Free: Breast pump made of food-grade soft silicone, BPA-free material without any harmful substances, All accessories can be removed and washed in the dishwasher, protect the health of mothers and babies
  • Easy Use: MOMEASY breast pump electric mirror touch screen LED display, Easy to use with the operation, Built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, The machine is small, easy to carry, convenient for you to use anywhere
  • Closed System: Reliable closed system kit with overflow protection closed system design prevents your breast milk from entering the pipeline, need not worry that the milk might damage the machine
  • Replaceable Flange: Breast pump Come with 24/27mm sizes flange, Comes with 10 milk storage bags and two milk bag transfer port, which can refrigerate excess breast milk to meet the various needs of mothers

Swing Maxi double electric breast pump

  • Double pumping for up to 18% more milk in less time
  • 2-Phase Expression™ technology mimics your baby’s natural sucking rhythm 23.
  • PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield for increased comfort and 11% more milk 4. 2 sizes included.
  • Improved mobility: built-in rechargeable battery for up to 6 pumping sessions on one full charge.
  • Faster charging with USB type C port, compared to micro-USB port.
  • Easy to use: 4-button intuitive interface and 9 pre-programmed settings.
  • Easy to assemble and clean thanks to few parts.
  • Noticeably quieter compared to the previous generation, only 45 dB at the Maximum Vacuum Level.
  • Closed system prevents breast milk from entering the tubing.Comes With:
    • 1 x Swing Maxi motor unit
    • 2 x 150 ml bottle with lid
    • 2 x bottle stand
    • 2 x PersonalFit Flex™ connector
    • 2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 21 mm
    • 2 x PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield size 24 mm
    • 1 x USB charging cable
    • 1 x USB power adapter
    • 1 x instruction for use for Swing Maxi
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