Why should children’s clothing be safe and comfortable?

Dressing children in the wrong clothing can make them uncomfortable. Wearing clothing that is soft and breathable promotes evaporation of sweat.

What should parents look for when shopping for children’s clothes?

With children’s clothing, the most important considerations are their age and the quality of the material.

What kind of fabric is best suited for children’s clothing?

Cotton is the best material for baby and kid’s clothing. Children’s clothing should be gentle on their delicate skin. Fabric must be durable and absorbent to be appropriate for children’s wear.

What are the benefits of using cotton for children’s clothing?

Cotton is natural, soft, and won’t irritate your newborn’s delicate skin. Cotton is naturally gentle on the skin, so you don’t have to worry about rashes, eczema, or asthma symptoms when dressing your loved one in cotton clothing.

What are the two things to consider when selecting baby clothing?

1. Choose a suitable fabric.

2. Be specific about size.

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